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14 March 2015 @ 02:24 pm


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19 December 2011 @ 10:58 pm

Yesterday, I saw a tweet saying "If you dislike me, at least tell me why."


I really agree with what she said.


Although it would hurt, it is better knowing the truth and the reason so that I can change? Or maybe, let me try to. Or else I'm just gonna stay like this, I won't know.


Who likes to be hated, to be disliked? I'm certain that I do not. But please, if you dislike or even hate me, tell me. It really sucks trying to figure out all your hidden words.


This is not to anyone, just a thought that came through my mind.

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18 December 2011 @ 06:12 pm

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22 November 2011 @ 07:05 pm

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The man with the brightest smile, best laughter. 
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19 May 2011 @ 07:08 pm


There is a reason why I love them so much. This comeback stage is almost perfect, totally flawless.
Yoon Doo I don't know what spell you cast on me but you just melt my heart so much ♥
And Dongwoon's voice improved so much, Hyunseung's hair and everything is love. Yoseop, Gikwang's voice is still as good as ever. And our rapper, especially that live cough, <3!!

looking forward to 2 July and the release of tickets and details about BEAST's fan meeting!!! I'll make sure I get to see you boys! So beast~ ^_^ Daebak!!!!

Fiction starts now!!!!! ^__^ Fighting!
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18 May 2011 @ 01:19 pm

I believe anybody who writes fan fiction will love the lyrics.

So beautiful and yet so painful. 
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14 May 2011 @ 05:03 pm
 Ah, my april was really great because of all the idols! ^^
First was definitely SIGMA's arrivial to Singapore, followed by 胡夏 and lastly, Bosco Wong, Moses, Kevin and Ron's concert!!

Just a month ago, on this same date, I met 胡夏 ^^ I really didn't expect it!!!! SIGMA made me happy enough already and just after a few days, I received news that he was coming to Singapore! So happy ^__^ All thanks to Christel. And than they were giving out tickets to a small fan gathering/meeting, and you have to call in to the radio station and than try if you could get it. Definitely hesitated but I made the right choice calling in!!!
So embarassing but I WON THE TICKETS so whatever teehee!!!! Life is awesome.

On 14 April;
I went to the airport and for the first time to welcome an artist! Due to it being a school day and work day, there was hardly anybody.. Kinda disappointing and sorry to him but well, HEHE I MANAGED TO GET HIS SIGNATURE!!! On my board! ^^ And I kind of talk to him one to one, although it's only like one sentence but I really can't ask for more! No regrets going, although I regret not asking him to take a photo together, I had the freaking great opportunity but as I reached there my mind was seriously blank.

He is like so tall and cute ^^ Although I have no idea why must he wear a damn sunglasses LOL LOL

1 minute and 25 seconds of happiness, enough.

On 16 April;

Went for the fan meeting! I was sitting at the front seat there and I was really close to him!!!!! I sat at the left but he sat at the right :( Imagine me sitting at the right row i would be just behind him!!! But nevertheless, I am still very contended!

When he entered my heart was beating so fast so fast it was like my life my life is complete (ok la not so dramatic!!!) BUT YES SO HAPPY ^^ And than they talked and talked~ I believe i strongly believe he noticed me because of my board HAHAHAHAHA I was the only person holding a board x__x

And than he played games with the fans, I wasn't one of them.. I could have I think, if I volunteered but I didn't dare to!!! I think I would be shy to the max.

His actions and everything is just so cute XDDDD

Everything was working well, until I realised my camera had no battery and at the moment when I wanted to change my batt, I realised the spare one wasn't charged. So fuck, no more camera ._.

After that, he sang a song and left.

Immediately rushed to Bugis, Illuma. Managed to get the front row, right at the center! Almost had to move to the side, due to the security. I mean, like why can't he ask the people behind to move and must he ask us? We came earlier, so we have the rights. I wanted to move, but my sister insisted. And the girl beside me quarelled with the guy, yes so in the end we stayed. Lucky I didn't move!!!

He came, he sang, he came down the stage, shook our hands!!! ^__^ I didn't expect (again). Because just before that I was like telling my sister, will any artist in an autograph session sing and come down the stage? AND HE DID THAT. So much love. <3

He's not a person who really knows how to talk, but you know, you can feel it ^^ I think he was quite happy that day to see so many people ^^ Ah that kid.

No good quality camera, so we had to use the phone one. Thanks to my sister, again, for helping me take videos and let me enjoy the whole time :3 But one thing, at least he looked into her camera and sang!!!!!!!!!!!

After all the singing and interview, we went up and get his signature.
I remember I said "Jiayou!" and than waited for him to finish signing and shake my hands ^^ He did~ And he passed the album to us in two hands, which was quite surprising to me. After going for a few autograph sessions, the albums are always passed by the staff and not they themselves. So I was really happy hehehe And he is so polite ^^

Picture credits to Sony Music Singapore on FB;

And than it ended. Happily :)
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11 May 2011 @ 08:19 pm
 wu wu wu

It has been so long since I've updated!!!! Ah I guess I'm gonna write a post on Hu Xia soon!! ^_____^ After MYE!

for Mid Year Examinations

3 more papers to go!!!!!!
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10 April 2011 @ 01:57 am
Hehehe I realised I haven't been posting for a really long time!
I'm back ^____^

1 April 2011 -

SIGMA reached Singapore!!!! Although I didn't went, but well, still happy! *Breathes air*

I swear I really regretted so much!!!!!! Should have listened to everybody's words and just skip school!!!!! It's once in a life time sia :'( But I have been absent for a total of 6 days and have been missing out so much! (ALTHOUGH IN THE END DIDN'T DO MUCH IN SCHOOL _'_) As I was in a maths class, I was looking at the clock all the time, waiting for 12:05PM.. And I almost cried, really. That feeling was so terrible T_T .. Received Denise's call afterwards and she was totally high and happy!!!! And I wasn't so sad alrdy :')

2 April 2011

The day I went to see SIGMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay went for tuition first ^^ I was waiting for tuition to end so much!!!! And than went for dinner and zoom to Singapore Indoor Stadium!!! Waited for Stacey and Huihui to come~ I was quite afraid that it would be awkward since it was my first time meeting them.. But it was quite alright in fact!!! Hahaha they both like damn high sia Idk why either!!!! XDDDD But they are really great people!

(The board outside!!! HAHAHA I saw one Jieyu fan boy keep spamming photos of him and JY tgt!!!! Damn cute seriously!)


Waited for E Awards to start etc, and YES SIGMA CAME OUT!!!! Waved so hard just to let them notice us but ...... that Judy Chou keep looking up at another side :( Hello we purposely took center seats so you can find us why you do this to us!!!! Ok la but in the end he manage to find us ^_^ and waved hehehe! 



Their performance was really great!!!! First time listening to live and was totally happy and high!!!! Love their version of <愛就對了>! :D

 (SIGMA fans ^___^ ok almost all Judy-biased!)

3 April 2011

Best day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Seriously happy for the whole day heheheh!!!

Woke up late.. Was supposed to wake up around 7.45AM but instead woke up at 8.45AM :(
Chiong all the way to Illuma and met Grace and Stacey..
We were actually at the second row!!! But than when we wanted to go and eat, walked to Bugis Junction already, THEY SUDDENLY SAY RE-QUEUE. Seriously bastard.. and than we became at the third row!!!!!!!! :/ Denise came shortly afterwards~ Did my card etc and waited all the way till 4PM!!!!

(Doing up the cards etc!!! Place in a mess xD)

Best day because we were quite closed to them and than my sis told me that Jieyu keep looking at my board hehehehe happy bitch seriously!!!!! ^^ Tried to catch their attention so much by shouting screaming etc~ Very high seriously!!!

(Ultra big board and I know all the people behind me wants to kill me............. i was blocking their view.. damn sorry!!!!!!!)

This year, Judy keep waving to above Idk why :(((( He didn't really notice us that much~ But I know he know we are here hehehe!!! Judy kept waving at us in the end ^^ Glad he knew!!!! Seriously wanna kill him that day ok!!!!!!! >: so angry!!! But still love him a lot la!!!! (I think I gave my heart to darling JY alrdy <3) I didn't get to talk much to him because when I was up there, waiting for him to sign, I WAS TOO NERVOUS AND GANCHIONG cause I scared I will forget to give him the card and paper.. I dropped my paper and when I bend down, picked up and came up, his hands were there waiting for me to shake alrdy.. AND I COULDN"T TALK TO HIM :(((((((

(My card my card for judy!!! ^_^ Now that I have passed to him, idk what to do when I see him again i'm so ashamed LOL)
Tommy is really a very nice and friendly guy!! I didn't know much of him at first.. but after that day I seriously started to love him!!! ^^ He was sitting at the corner so we keep shouting and he actually looked at us and waved! Hehe and not only once somemore! Afterwards he kept looking to our direction because he know we SIGMA fans are mostly there!! And at the ending, when he was thanking the fans, he still turned and look at us ^_^


Jieyu is the cutest no matter what!!!!!!! 
Hahaha and he is so skinny!!!!!!! Skinny until his shirt it like so big and loose!!
But he is really super adorable! ^^ Ah the way he talk and everything!!! He keep pointing at fans and singing to them ^^ I thought he pointed at me and sang.. really.. Although I'm not that certain, and I don't really think so, I JUST LIE TO MYSELF AH I HAPPY LOL!!!! Yes I know!!!
One of the cutest thing he did is when we shouted his name (he was still signing), he looked at us and did "I am looking at you all" hand movement!!!! DAMN CUTE HEHEHEHEHEH my heart melt alrdy!!!

(Started screaming like mad when they did this hehehe!!!)



Actually I didn't say anything extra when I was on stage, except I told Anthony Neely "Jiayou".. Others I all say "Xiexie"!!! I think I very dumb eh!!! Waste my chance but I couldn't really react :( Too excited and nervous and shocked!

After we got our cards signed, we stood at one side and waited for Stacey they all~ And they were seriously damn cute and high!!!!! The host keep cue-ing all of them!! Because we SIGMA fans were the loudest and most high people around that they!! Even though there were not many of us ^^ I remember them going on stage and talking to SIGMA for so long that the security keep pulling their bags LOL LOL!
我們瘋狂, 但我們也理智!!! 

(Koped this pic because I'm behind the girl with Judy HAHAHAHAHAHA pathetic but at least in the same pic right! :3 k la i am mad)


(With Denise! ^^v)

Really great memories ^_^ Until now I'm smiling because of them! I really wanna turn back the time to last week so much!!!!!! :')
I can't wait for them to come back again! This time, we will be stronger and better!
SIGMA 壞挺!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



And lastly, I wanna thank my sister for accompanying me for the two days! Hahaha I made her spend like 79 bucks on the tickets when she has nobody to see LOL!!! And made her wait for so many hours with me!!! Saranghae! ♥

But I know she enjoyed on Sunday because she was mad high too!!! I swear she is a full SIGMA fan now hahahah!!!!

(I freaking took more than 3 hours on this post T_T .. for uploading and resizing all these pictures!!! Already almost 2AM!!!)
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18 March 2011 @ 04:04 pm

Ah, at least I know I'm not the only person who cried when watching this.. 
So touching and sweet:')

Hope they last forever and ever~

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